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Fit Complex works with local dietitians, cooks, farms, and eateries to provide accessibility to and education on nutrient dense, earth growth, fresh foods in the form of one on one nutrition counseling, cooking demonstrations, eating workshops, and partner donation for events.      

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Philadelphia based dietitian, Theresa Shank, RD LDN and owner of Philly Dietitian, provides clients with customized nutritional counseling and meal plans. Theresa specializes in nutrition and health communications. She provides nutritional counseling to a wide range of individuals with varying needs such as weight loss, disease prevention and management, sports nutrition and performance and food allergies and intolerance. Philly Dietitian LLC accepts insurance coverage from Independence Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Highmark and Cigna. Please Inquire with Theresa to see how many sessions are 100% covered by your current insurance plan.

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Diana Marlin is the owner and registered dietitian of Nourishmnt, a Philadelphia based nutrition counseling company offering both in person and online appointments. Diana's counseling style is body positive, collaborative, and effective. She combines her love of food and her understanding of the human body to develop effective and personalized plans to help each of her clients to reach their goals. Between appointments, she stays in contact with her clients with an easy to use app for maximum accountability and motivation. Diana understands that no two people are the same, and she works one on one with her clients to find what works best for them!

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Philadelphia based Chef Christina Martin, owner of Cooking to Nourish, shares insights on creative and delicious ways to live a more plant-based lifestyle through cooking demonstrations and hands on cooking workshops.  After obtaining her BA, she attended culinary school where she learned classical techniques that landed her jobs in numerous Philly restaurants including Vedge, Village Belle, and Blackfish.  She currently offers catering services, private dinner parties, corporate lunch and learns, as well as residential cooking workshops using community kitchen space.  Working with Chef Christina is a great way to learn more about living a plant-based lifestyle through memorable tasting experiences, influenced by different cultures.      



Aw Snap!  We love snap kitchen because they only use quality ingredients and offer an assortment of conveniently prepackaged meals and hyper functional, virtually medicinal beverages that allow you to plan out your meals for the week (keeping in mind your macros) without the cooking!  They currently have five locations around Philly, with a sixth opening up in Bella Vista, and even have a 21 day commit program that helps you plan your daily meals/snacks based on your tastes and desired caloric intake.    



RFE is all about bringing Real Food to the masses. A place that brings fresh, natural, home-cooked food to your plate in 5 minutes or less for about $10 bucks. Build your own bowl or choose from one of their signatures. Our favorite is the avocado bowl! Real food has everything you need to nourish your body with three locations in the Philadelphia area. You can check out their menu below!