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Our expertise lies in creating the perfect balance between fitness and lifestyle. We find what services are most important for our partnered residential buildings and then bring them to life with our talented team of wellness professionals.  Whether it's cooking demonstrations, custom personal training and classes utilizing your studio space, or on-site nutrition counseling, we're here to make living healthy a little easier for your residents at the convenience of an elevator ride.  





Our primary focus is to teach our clients how to move from the inside out by delivering programs that work on building functional strength, balance, and coordination.  Through these programs our clients achieve functional longevity, balance, and an optimal quality of life. This means learning the fundamentals of how to engage muscle groups to maintain form and technique to complete each workout.  The exercise tools and movements used are dependent on your specific biomechanics movement patterns, imbalances, goals, and ability.  You do not have to be a professional athlete to train like one.  Fit Complex emlinates the guess work by providing custom individual and group wellness programs that help people become more active to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.    

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  • Above all, Jordan has taught me to value exercise and to make it an important part of my life. I no longer feel like I’m working out to satisfy some arbitrary requirement, but because I genuinely want to exercise. Because of Jordan, I feel less anxious, stronger, and healthier than I’ve ever felt before.
    — Jennifer P., PHD
  • Jordan is very receptive to how your body is responding to the workouts and varies them accordingly - challenging you at just the right moments. He's also the most creative trainer I've had - he uses a combination of TRX, free weights, body weight exercises and so much more to increase balance, strength and range of motion.
    — Christina C., Strategic Development
  • As a business owner, working out has helped me with mental clarity - while also feeling a lot more empowered and confident about what I can accomplish. Jordan pushes you beyond what you believe your limits were. He challenges, while also being a cheerleader. He is also invested in your success. It’s not just a workout; it’s multiple sessions of knocking down the mental and physical walls you’ve put up. So simply put, I would recommend Jordan to any and everyone - as I already do!
    — Megan S., Business Owner
  • I will be eternally grateful for the personal fitness coaching he provided while I was going through a recent divorce. To me, Jordan Hankins is equal parts fitness maniac, consummate buttkicker, and damned fine friend.
    — Damon B., Patent Lawyer


It's time to get moving outdoors!  We couldn't be more excited to join our #fitfam this summer for our weekly meet ups.  Every workout is built to help each other navigate our path to a more creative approach to working out using the environment around us.  Striking a mind body connection not only helps in complex movement patterns but it helps create a positive image of ourselves.  Check out our events below to join!  

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