Personal Training Solutions

It should not only be comfortable where you workout but it should be convenient.  Whether you have a gym in your apartment building, workout at home, or like to take it outdoors, I can deliver the most efficient program that caters to your goals and location within Philadelphia.  My goal is to show you that with a little bit of space and proper direction, you can achieve the body and confidence you deserve through creative movement.  


Park Towne Place Apartment Homes  (Home Turf)

Located at 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Park Towne Place features a 4,000 sq.ft state of the art gym that is home to a boxing studio and full lineup of Techno Gym equipment.  Here you will get the most comprehensive one on one or group training program using a wide variety of equipment including free-weights, kettlebells, TRX, medicine balls, and more.  


Residential Personal Training 

Train in the comfort of your residential gym with purpose.  Creating customized programs allow me to take into consideration your goals, amenity space, and schedule without losing convenience.  I currently train clients at 10 Rittenhouse, 2040 Market, The Murano, and AQ Rittenhouse.  If you'd like to get more information about residential personal or group training, please apply now.      


Corporate/Executive Training

Productivity. Productivity. Productivity.  Fitness is imperative for executives.  Leaders who build in time for exercise boost energy, focus, and career success.  Being overweight is a serious career impediment.  My custom executive training program adapts to an unusual schedule while finding time to exercise between business meetings, trips, and endless cellphone calls.  Lower your stress and simply feel good while getting the confidentiality and discretion you need to operate at your peak performance.