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Not everybody has time to see a personal trainer in person and it may be more convenient to work out at home or your local gym.  If you do walk into a local gym interested in personal training, you’ll most likely get paired with the first available trainer rather than choosing the best trainer for your needs.  The best trainer in the gym for you has a full book of clients that are already having a difficult time rescheduling sessions.  If you do find a trainer who you like that shows you results, they may move or even open their own studio that isn’t conveniently located for you. 

As an online coach, I am not restricted to a certain location or time.  Workout when you want, where you want using a program that is custom build and easy to follow by an expert.  I will take the guesswork out for you so you not only have a plan when you workout, but you have ongoing support throughout the process.      

Ongoing Support

Getting your questions answered is easier than ever with email, phone, and skype  support.  Things that may fluctuate on a daily basis like sleep, stress, dietary intake, and mood all have an effect on how well your body is prepared for a workout and varies for each individual.  

Getting instant feedback to tweak your program will help you perform your best when you need it.  On top of that, establishing your base strength levels and monitoring your progress periodically will ensure that you never plateau through each 4 week phase of your workouts.    

Access To Expert Advice

  • Finding an individual that you feel comfortable getting information from can be difficult when there are so many different methods, theories, and knuckle heads from your past that have given you advice that didn’t sum up.  Access to an online trainer that has methods you can get behind will allow you to ignore the mainstream crap that isn’t specific to your needs.  

  • Access to expert advice starts with getting a better understanding of your coach, their experience, their client’s success, and if you seek to gain similar results.    

  • The last step to getting expert advice is giving your coach a better understanding of you.  You cannot expect to get the best advice available without your coach having a thorough understanding of your history, limitations, lifestyle, hobbies, and personality.  It is all important in creating a comprehensive in-person/online program that gets you.  

Training is a constant learning experience that you have the final say in developing.  Fit complex is here to support you in all areas of your fitness but you have the final say in sticking with it.  

How It Works

After your initial consultation through phone call or Skype, your program is custom build through Trainerize, an all in one, at your fingertips online software program that supports your scheduled workouts, exercise videos, and a communication line.  Each program includes three phases that last four weeks each.  

Phase 1: Core Foundation- We believe that in order to create a solid foundation for long-term results, you must start by engaging the muscles of the core.  Rather than doing countless sit-ups, you will learn how to control movement from the center, better your posture, and get rid of common aches and pains caused from sitting for long periods of time.  

Phase 2: Tempo Timed- Slow it down or speed it up.  This is when your muscles will start to take shape and you'll want to cry like a baby.  Keeping your muscles under various tensions will allow you to get the maximum benefit out of every exercise while promoting lean/toned muscle and fat loss.  Put some good music on, breathe through it and I promise that you'll feel muscles that you didn't know you had.    

Phase 3: Complex Finishers- All or nothing compound movements performed back to back without rest.  Phase three is the pinnacle of this program that will challenge you to breakthrough your own personal barriers.  

Each online program is custom built based on the equipment you have available, your limitations, your time frame, and your goals.  For questions and a quick demo, contact us now so we can get you moving in the most convenient way possible. On your own time! Check out the video below for more info.




  • 2 Set Workouts/Week
  • Email Based Support
  • Online Movement Assessment




  • 3 Custom Workouts/Week
  • Email Based Support
  • Online Movement Assessment
  • Monthly Skype/Phone Call Support
  • Lifestyle Coaching Questionnaire
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  • 5 Custom Workouts/Week
  • Email Based Support
  • Online Movement Assessment
  • Weekly Skype/Phone Call Support
  • Direct Lifestyle Coaching