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What if I need to cancel a class and what are the appointment windows?

You can book a class up to seven days in advance of the schedule appointment and up to one hour before the scheduled workout.  This kindly gives our instructor enough time in advance to know how many people will be attending to set up.  Our cancellation window is one hour prior to the event.  We ask that you kindly cancel via the MINDBODY APP to give people on the waitlist a chance to enroll.  If you need to cancel within the hour, we ask that you email us.

Can I purchase personal training appointments through the mobile app?

Once you get set up with a coach, you can request appointments through the mobile app but you cannot book or purchase them.  To purchase a personal training package you must go to the ONLINE STORE.  After purchasing a package, your coach will book all sessions through mindbody for you based on the times and dates discussed.  

Are the programs geared towards men and women?

Unfortunately, it’s a very common myth that men and women should do gender-specific workouts.  It’s simply not true.  Our workouts are based on full-body, functional, mobility driven movements that benefit men and women differently.  We’re not concerned with how much weight you can use but rather how well you can perform a movement with control while improving range of motion to prevent injury and encourage optimal health.  

How long will the workouts take me?

You will be in and out within 60 minutes.  Every class will take approximately 50 minutes and includes a dynamic mobility warmup, the focused workout for the day, and a cool down stretch.  Private and team training sessions are 60 minutes long and include a more personalized focus.  

Am I too out of shape to start classes or training?

Not to worry.  If you were physically fit in the past, but have recently let yourself go, we recommend you start out easy and slowly by building your strength and endurance back up.  We suggest scheduling an assessment with a personal trainer to identify the best approach.  You can schedule this by contacting us below.  

Can I combine these programs with sport-specific training?

The goals of our programs are to maximize the results of getting lean, strong and fit as fast and effective as possible, however they are completely scalable to fit any type of training program.  From an endurance runner who may need to retain strength, to a golfer that requires more power, it’s encouraged to add a strength training component into your regimen. This is because the majority of our training is based on short, high-intensity workouts performed in interval and circuit training formats. 

I have health issues and I am not sure if I can do the workouts.  What do you suggest? 

If you suffer from any serious health problems (such as diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory arthritic conditions, etc…) you should consult with your physician before beginning ANY new fitness program, including or classes or training programs.